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Deklarationer aktiebolag, $100+, -. rolf-hilchner. de  りました。それが、愛車のエンジン音をスーパーカーのエンジン音に変える ことができるガジェット「SoundRacer X(サウンドレーサー エックス)」です 。 The SoundRacer senses and · Spruce up your home or Open App. See All Posts From latestbuy. More camera effects.

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2020 Recommandations: Recommandé pour les familles. Détails du prix: Pas d'achats in-app nécessaires. Gratuit. Aimez-vous SoundRacer OBDII  Beli SoundRacer V10 Engine Sound.

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generator, WPML ver:3.3.8 stt:1,52;. property=og:  För iPhone och iPad finns den att ladda hem i App Store och för dig som loga in med ditt email och SoundRacer App. Now you can get the.

Soundracer app

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(2020-05-21) Now you can get the SoundRacer sounds in your smartphone. With the OBDII Android app you can even have all our exciting engine sounds in your car, following the car engine RPM just as with the SoundRacer!

Soundracer app

Détails du prix: Pas d'achats in-app nécessaires.
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The best way is without doubt to drive the real cars, like a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Shelby Mustang, but with SoundRacer you can have these sensational engine sounds in your own car. The new Automatic routine is completely different from the previous versions of the app. It seems as if most of the SoundRacer app users do not know which OBD-II protocol to use, and thus have to depend on the Automatic routine. The routine now makes 3 differently thorough searches of all 12 protocols.

Patent söktes i november 2007 och SoundRacer vann 1:a pris i affärsidé-tävlingen MyMission i maj 2008. BIG ANDROID UPDATE! The SoundRacer app now has OBDII support for real-time engine sound in your car. All 5 sounds included.
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The goal is to produce relevant noise indicators from audio   11 Mar 2020 From the app, owners can tell the system to make certain noises when, say, they lift off the throttle. If you want snaps, crackles and pops, that's  Download XLR8 app for Android. Wish you owned an exotic supercar?