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2018-04-11 · A Region is geographical area with a collection of availability zones(AZs). Every Region is physically isolated from the others, and each will contain at least two Availability Zones. AWS has deployed regions across the globe to provide low latency, high throughput, and highly redundant networking. Availability zone is logical (not physical!) data center of AWS. AWS Region Code: Country: AWS Region Name: Year of Launch: 1: us-east-1: US East (N. Virginia) 2006: 2: us-east-2: US East (Ohio) 2016: 3: us-west-1: US West (N. California) 2009: 4: us-west-2: US West (Oregon) 2011: 5: ca-central-1: Canada (Central) 2016: 6: eu-north-1: EU (Stockholm) 2018: 7: eu-west-3: EU (Paris) 2017: 8: eu-west-2: EU (London) 2016: 9: eu-west-1: EU (Ireland) 2007: 10: eu-central-1: EU (Frankfurt) 2014 Chaque Zone locale AWS est une extension d'une région AWS dans laquelle vous pouvez exécuter vos applications sensibles à la latence à proximité des utilisateurs finaux à l'aide de services AWS tels qu'Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Amazon Elastic Block Store, Amazon File Storage et Amazon Elastic Load Balancing.

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Select where your company is based to see which of our AWS Regions to consider as your default core region and  How to choose the AWS regions for an OutSystems Cloud deployment. Rather than choosing only one region, global organizations can choose a different  With global tables you can specify the AWS Regions where you want the table to be available. Amazon Redshift is at least 50% less expensive than all other  Amazon Web Services. Uso global del archivo. Los wikis siguientes utilizan este archivo: Uso en Usuário(  10 Feb 2021 We compare AWS multi-region active-active database solutions to see if DynamoDB, Aurora Global Database, & Aurora Multi-Master can help  You specify an AWS Region when you create your Amazon S3 bucket.

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These regions (except for the special AWS_GLOBAL and AWS_CN_GLOBAL regions) are separate from each other, with their own set of resources. This means a resource created in one region (eg. an SQS queue) is not available in another region.

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On top of that, a multi-region infrastructure benefits from the routing possibilities provided by AWS Global Accelerator. The service maturity is good for a 1-year-old service. 2018-12-01 Serverless technologies are lowering the barrier to entry for global deployments with on-demand pricing and scaling. AWS’ serverless offerings are now supported in 16 regions, and with the help Latest Version Version 3.35.0. Published 7 days ago.

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av global omsättning eller 20 miljoner EUR. (den större regional hosting där nästan alla produkter AWS datacentra uppfyller en mängd certifieringar. sina egna system och data.
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AWS provides a lot of services and these services are either Global, Regional or specific to the Availability Zone and cannot be accessed outside.

The availability zone refers to an isolated data center within a single region.
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