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HP P2000 G3 FC/iSCSI MSA System User Guide Part number: 590367-002 First edition: July 2011 2016-09-21 · I found a separate MSA Family MPIO DSM Installation Guide from HP. It says to use ocsetup followed by mpclaim. I figured out that ocsetup is deprecated, but I found that the commands work through DISM. Still doesn't add a second path to MPIO properties. I have also checked the status page of the hardware portal.

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The systems are designed for “shared-use” of the amplifier with a unique “bus-bar” arrangement, so individual issue is not required. trim_msa¶. The trim_msa command will trim a MSA given a user-specified mask file, or the archaeal/bacterial mask present in the reference data. So if i create a new LUN in a brand new MSA 1500, thats going to create a the RAID array and initialize too ?

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Msa 1500 commands


Once connected the command to set the IP address details are: set network-parameters ip address netmask netmask gateway gateway controller a|b. For example. set network-parameters ip netmask gateway controller a. You can then check the settings with the command: Upload the .zip file to the MSA Health Check Web site. (See Uploading the MSA Log File using MSA Health Check.) Downloading the MSA Log File using SMU v3 Procedure 1. Log in to the SMU (v3). 2.

Msa 1500 commands

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Of},msa=function(​a){var b=a.R[0];return function(a){var c={};c[a]=_. handleError(b,c));d||Msa(c)},a.
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Arburg 650A. MSA tools as there is a lack of dialect dedicated NLP tools.